Florence Fahy

 "Florence stands out for her commitment to the north Co. Clare traditional style of playing that she learned growing up in that area of western Ireland.  Her playing always brought to mind my visits to Clare and Galway in years past, and evoked memories of great players like Chris Droney, Tony Crehan, Gerdie Commane and other players from an earlier generation.

Apart from her mastery of the instrument, Florence is a gifted teacher.  We've offered concertina classes at the Friday Harbor Week for over ten years and have engaged several different instructors, all of them talented and famous, but no one has received the kind of very high praise from our students that Florence has had.  Students comment on her patience and her ability to articulate not only the technical aspects but also the essence of the music.  She's had a great influence on players of the concertina in our part of the country, and I can point to several here in Seattle who would count her as a major influence"

Randal Bays
Fiddler, Guitarist, Composer & Artistic Director of the Friday Harbor Irish Music Week in Seattle, Washington.

If you have every wondered whether or not you could play the concertina, then why not find out.  If you are looking to master the techniques you already have or looking to learn something new, either way, I am here to help! 

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Some of the information you might ask

before  taking a lesson:  

  • I teach Anglo Irish concertina in C/G, I do not play English, Duet etc
  • Lessons last for 45 mins approximately and payment is discussed privately. 
  • I teach both one on one lessons and I am available for Skype lessons if distance or time becomes an issue or concern.  I have many students I teach through Skype around the USA and Europe and I have a flexible schedule so I can accommodate what best suits both of us. 
  • My classes are fun and relaxed with no pressure approach.  I understand we all have busy lives and getting time to practice can be tricky but obviously I do require a little!!
  • I can teach solely by ear or with music or if you'd prefer I can do both.
  • If you want to inquire on where to locate a concertina or if you need any other questions answered please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it.  

  • The Hallowe'en Nut Hornpipe1:46