• Second Victory Jig 2:04

  • Scoraiochtar1:02

  • Paddy Cronin's Reel1:02

"We have been so lucky to have Flo teach at the South East Tionól for the past three years. Flo has the ability to instruct beginners as well as advanced concertinists in the same class at our small annual workshop. Each student has walked away with the confidence, technique and musicality to become a better traditional Irish musician all thanks to Flo. The tunes she chooses to teach and perform come from the very essence of her upbringing and the rich concertina tradition of County Clare. She truly has the gift to communicate her love for the instrument and the music of her home... We are looking forward to having Flo teach at the 2013 South East Tionól in Orlando, Florida"
 Kathleen Cavanagh  South East Tionól Organizer

"Among the minority of younger players who continue to sustain the older dialects of Clare are Jacqui McCarthy, Florence Fahy, Breeda Green, Louise Pyne, and Francis Droney"  
Gearoid O hAllmhurain                                      

 "Clare -The Heartland of Irish Concertina

  • The Mullingar Races1:40

  • The Rookery - Vincent Broderick1:39

  • The Maids Of Castlebar - Slower1:49

  • The Smiling Lady1:35

  • The Elusive Magpie2:18

  • Dinny O Briens Jig1:23

  • Garda's Cap1:29

  • The Foggy Morning2:12

  • An Buachalán buí .mp32:20

  • The Tattie Hookers0:58

​​Flo's Tune Of The Month

Florence Fahy


  • Gooseberry Fair Reel.mp31:45

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Hello and welcome to my tune of the month for December!   I was so busy last month, between Thanksgiving and sick kiddos I unfortunately did not have time to update the site so I hope this tune will make up for that!  So, lots to chat about! I will be heading to Ireland for Christmas in 2 weeks time so I am super excited to see my family and spend this holiday season with them.  I wish you all a lovely, peaceful, joyful and safe holiday season.  Thank you all for your continued support and I really enjoy sharing my tunes with you all. Speaking of tunes......

 This month I have chosen a beautiful reel called "The Mullingar Races". The  “Mullingar Races” was popularized by the 1931 recording of Sligo fiddle players Paddy Killoran and Paddy Sweeney, in New York in the early 1930's.  It has been recorded many times but I suppose I will pick a more recent recording I love and that is the CD by Ben Lennon and Tony O Connell called "Rossinver Braes".  I may have mentioned this CD before but it is very beautiful indeed.  They play the The Mullingar Races on this recording followed by another lovely reel called "The Boys On The Hilltop".  If your interested in an easy listening CD then this is definitely one for you! It is great for those that learn by ear from CD's as the tempo is just perfect for that! 

On another note, I have an update on October's tune entitled 'The Tattie Hookers".  It is not indeed named after the Galway Hooker boats! Upon further research and chatting with musician friends of mine in Ireland, The Tattie Hookers or (Hokers) refers to Irish labourers that travelled to Scotland from Ireland for seasonal work picking and harvesting potatoes, for minimal wages​.  These families that left Ireland were in desperate need of money and many were treated poorly, living conditions were appalling, there was much overcrowding in houses and in the Church's eyes at the time, a man and woman, unmarried and living in close quarters like this was inappropriate.  Due to the overcrowding in the houses and bad maintenance of these houses, there was incidents reported of people dying inside these houses from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning because of the inhalation of fumes from the fuel being burned to keep them warm and poor ventilation. There are many reports and interviews on YouTube if you are interested to find out more.

Please take time to look at this short video that was broadcast by our National TV station RTE in Ireland in the 1970's.  It gives a clear depiction in my eyes of  how these Tattie Hookers were viewed and you get to see a glimpse of the religious and social climate of those times and the  power the Catholic Church held over people in Ireland.  I enjoyed it so please take time to find out about this piece of  history that I was not aware of until I learned this tune and researched the title of this tune some more.