• The Smiling Lady1:35

  • Sean Ryans Farewell1:36

  • Scoraiochtar1:02

  • The Chapel Bell1:25

  • Scoraiochtar1:32

  • The Reel with the Beryl more ornaments1:46

  • The Elusive Magpie2:18

  • Digging For Gold1:38

  • The Hallowe'en Nut Hornpipe1:46

  • Cooleys Hornpipe2:45

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Scoraiochtar - Jig

Welcome to my tune of the month for October. Happy Fall and a Happy Halloween to everybody.  This is without doubt my favourite time of the year.  The weather is just a little cooler and everything pumpkin flavour and cinnamon scented is wafting in the air. The New England Patriots are back in action(although off to a miserable start), the Red Sox are heading to the playoffs(and looking unstoppable), Leah is back in school (hooray for her) and the humidity is finally gone!!  Needless to say, New England is a beautiful place to be in the Fall.  The trees and their changing colors are absolutely amazing. 

For this month, I have chosen a lovely jig composed by master fiddler, Connie O Connell entitled Scoraiochtar, pronounced (Score-eek-thar) for those of you not familiar with Irish pronunciation. I learned this tune in the last year and I really love it.  The more I hear it the more I enjoy playing it.  The title of the tune represents an old tradition in Ireland when a neighbour visited your house by night for a chat and for company. It is indeed a very old tradition embedded in a time that was before the emergence of TV and all the electronic distractions we have in our society today.  So, the person paying a visit to your house was the "scoraiochtar".  I do remember growing up in Ireland and it was not unusual for neighbors and friends, even relations to pop by unannounced in the evening for a cup of tea and a chat.  I have many good memories of this time.  It was a time for people to bond and connection and just interact with each other through chats, stories, songs or music. 

Here is a link I found to find out more about Connie O Connell original compositions and "Scoraiochtar".​


So with that here is the sound file for the tune. 


  • Garda's Cap1:29

Florence Fahy

  • The Hole In The Boat Jig.mp31:25

  • The Orphan Fast.mp31:22

"We have been so lucky to have Flo teach at the South East Tionól for the past three years. Flo has the ability to instruct beginners as well as advanced concertinists in the same class at our small annual workshop. Each student has walked away with the confidence, technique and musicality to become a better traditional Irish musician all thanks to Flo. The tunes she chooses to teach and perform come from the very essence of her upbringing and the rich concertina tradition of County Clare. She truly has the gift to communicate her love for the instrument and the music of her home... We are looking forward to having Flo teach at the 2013 South East Tionól in Orlando, Florida"
 Kathleen Cavanagh  South East Tionól Organizer

"Among the minority of younger players who continue to sustain the older dialects of Clare are Jacqui McCarthy, Florence Fahy, Breeda Green, Louise Pyne, and Francis Droney"  
Gearoid O hAllmhurain                                      

 "Clare -The Heartland of Irish Concertina