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Dinny O Brien's Jig

Hello and welcome back for my tune of the month for April. I am very excited this month as I am finally on the countdown to my big trip home to Ireland after almost 2 years of being away.  A lot can happen in that time and it sure has for me as we will be going back this time as a family of 4 and not of 3.  William will be meeting some of his Irish family for the first time and we will be having a nice little celebration for his Christening Day on Easter Sunday.  I will be performing at the Consairtin festival at the end of April that is taking place in Ennis and I have left the information on here for you all to to remind you of what it is all about.  

To keep you buys for April I have decided to do a tune by the name of Dinny O Briens Jig.  It is not a composition of Paddy O Briens as far as I know but just called after his relative Dinny O Brien.  I love jigs and I thought this a really pretty jig so I just had to share.  Enjoy learning this one!!!

A little mention again about the weekend in Ennis that will be attended by concertina players far and near.  The festival is called "Consairtin" organised by the great Tim Collins and Aine Hennessy. It is made up of workshops catered for concertina players of all levels, informative talks, specialist workshops, and mini concerts throughout the weekend along with bigger concerts over the weekend too.  There are concertina makers visiting and concertina repair workshops being held so if your interested in a new concertina or just curious, this is your opportunity to meet some of the makers of the concertinas on the market today and maybe learn how to fix the small stuff that might go wrong with your concertina..

 I was delighted to be asked to play at the opening concert on the Thursday night of the festival. It is at the Old Ground Hotel at 7.30pm on Thursday, April 25th.  I will be accompanied by the great musician and friend Mr. Garry O Bhriain who helped record and mix my CD "Tunes From the Flaggy Shore" at his "Creg na Vagabones" recording studio in New Quay and  it is his beautiful accompaniment that can be heard throughout the CD.  I am delighted he can be a part of the night and I am secretly hoping to get my Dad up there to play a few waltzes but we'll see ;-) If you haven't booked your ticket to Ireland to be at this festival and your doing nothing in April and looking for an adventure then you should go!!! It is a fantastic celebration of music and the concertina.   If you'd like to find out more or just have a look if I haven't already convinced you to book your ticket to Ireland, Here is the link to Consairtin 2019


With that being said I hope you all have an amazing Easter. Don't eat too much chocolate but I know I will!  I will try keep everyone updated of my travels through my Facebook and Instagram page.  Keep and eye out for pictures and updates! I look forward to my time in Ireland in my homeland. I will see you all back here in May for another delightful tune of the month ;-)

Beannachtai na Feile Casca oraibh!!!



  • The Chapel Bell1:25

  • The Ewe Reel.mp31:38

  • The Hallowe'en Nut Hornpipe1:46

"We have been so lucky to have Flo teach at the South East Tionól for the past three years. Flo has the ability to instruct beginners as well as advanced concertinists in the same class at our small annual workshop. Each student has walked away with the confidence, technique and musicality to become a better traditional Irish musician all thanks to Flo. The tunes she chooses to teach and perform come from the very essence of her upbringing and the rich concertina tradition of County Clare. She truly has the gift to communicate her love for the instrument and the music of her home... We are looking forward to having Flo teach at the 2013 South East Tionól in Orlando, Florida"
 Kathleen Cavanagh  South East Tionól Organizer

"Among the minority of younger players who continue to sustain the older dialects of Clare are Jacqui McCarthy, Florence Fahy, Breeda Green, Louise Pyne, and Francis Droney"  
Gearoid O hAllmhurain                                      

 "Clare -The Heartland of Irish Concertina

  • The Swan On The Lake1:56

  • Second Victory Jig 2:04

  • Sean Ryans Farewell1:36

  • Gooseberry Fair Reel.mp31:45

  • Digging For Gold1:38

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  • Garda's Cap1:29


  • The Smiling Lady1:35

  • The Hole In The Boat Jig.mp31:25

  • The Orphan Fast.mp31:22

  • Scoraiochtar1:02

Florence Fahy

  • The Reel with the Beryl more ornaments1:46

  • The Elusive Magpie2:18

  • Cooleys Hornpipe2:45

  • An Buachalán buí .mp32:20