Florence Fahy

  • The Elusive Magpie2:18

  • The Orphan Fast.mp31:22

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  • The Harvest Moon Fast.mp31:33

The Merry Days of Easter

Tune For August

Virginia Reel 

"We have been so lucky to have Flo teach at the South East Tionól for the past three years. Flo has the ability to instruct beginners as well as advanced concertinists in the same class at our small annual workshop. Each student has walked away with the confidence, technique and musicality to become a better traditional Irish musician all thanks to Flo. The tunes she chooses to teach and perform come from the very essence of her upbringing and the rich concertina tradition of County Clare. She truly has the gift to communicate her love for the instrument and the music of her home... We are looking forward to having Flo teach at the 2013 South East Tionól in Orlando, Florida"
 Kathleen Cavanagh  South East Tionól Organizer

"Among the minority of younger players who continue to sustain the older dialects of Clare are Jacqui McCarthy, Florence Fahy, Breeda Green, Louise Pyne, and Francis Droney"  
Gearoid O hAllmhurain                                      

 "Clare -The Heartland of Irish Concertina

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Tune For February

The Girl That Broke My Heart

  • The Broken Pledge Faster.mp31:34

Tune For January

John Naughtons Jig

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​Tune For December

The Road to Ballymac

  • The Dairymaid1:25

  • The Chapel Bell1:25

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Rakish Paddy


Tune For October

The Witch Of The Glen

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  • Dancing Eyes.mp31:22

  • The Shoemakers Daughter 2:20

  • Larrys favourite.mp32:17


It's here and officially launched!!!

Get your copy now!!! 

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​​​If you missed the LIVE show from the Fleadh Cheoil Na

hEireann in Ennis that I did with the lovely Joan Hanrahan of Clare FM here is a chance to watch it again.  It was recorded Monday, August 14th to open the Fleadh week on Joan's show "The West Wind"


​​Tune For October

Rakish Paddy - Reel

Welcome back to my tune of the month for October.  I want to really thank everyone again for their generous support and kind words about my CD.  The response has been so positive and uplifting and I am so delighted that I finally went ahead and released this CD.  Thank you to all the radio stations and music stores that have contacted me and give my music the publicity and air time on their shows.  It is all very exciting indeed!

Check out my updated slide show on my PHOTO GALLERY page.  I seem to always forget to take pictures and document my trips home now but I managed to get a few of my launch in Bellharbour.  

I had a wonderful evening in Boston College with Dr. Gearoid O hAllmhurain on September 13th.  Gearoid is an internationally acclaimed Irish cultural historian.  Currently, he is a professor and historian at the Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.  Here is a link so those of you who don't know him can learn a bit about him.  Gearoid has been a friend and great influence since I first met him in San Francisco when I was only 13 playing tunes.


  Gearoid  delivered a lecture based upon his book  "Flowing Tides: History and Memory in an Irish Soundscape".  It was a wonderful evening and I enjoyed listening to an engaging talk about the history of our music from The Great Famine times to the present with emphasis in particular on Co. Clare and the concertina.  At the end of the talk, I joined Gearoid and the lovely Tara Lynch for a few good Clare tunes and a truly splendid evening was had by all.  I even learned a thing or two about my area of Bellharbour/Fanore that I did not know about before.  It was lovely to meet Gearoid after a lot of years, might be 20 I'd say??? Thank you Gearoid for having me there and I am hoping Santa will have a copy of your beautiful book in my stocking for Christmas.  Here is a link to Gearoids lovely book if you are interested


Now for my tune for the month!!!  RAKISH PADDY!! I love this tune.  I associate it with my New Quay session days in the lovely Linnanes Bar.  A lovely old man by the name of Pat Keane, smoked a pipe and sat in his usual spot at the table close to the musicians.  He would drink his Guinness and sometimes we would both have a black rum mixed with blackcurrant at the end of the night. He would say to me through the fog of the pipe smoke, "Come here I want you, a girlin"  " Will you play Rakish Paddy?"It was his request every Friday night and I don't think a Friday night went by that we didn't play it for him.  He was a wonderful man with a witty character and a wonderful repertoire of old songs.  I think of lovely Pat when I play this tune as it brings back so many good memories.   A book was written in his memory many years ago

 "Ar Dheis De go raibh a hanam dilis"

1996 (Book) Come Here I Want You, The Life and Times of Pat Keane, (traditional singer and popular old-timer; Doorus, Kinvara);


  • The Hole In The Boat Jig.mp31:25

  • Sean Ryans Farewell1:36

  • Petticoat Loose - Jig2:13

  • The Bellharbour Reel 2:28

  • The Green Fields of Woodford1:24

  • The Crock of Gold Reel1:38

Tune for November

The Stormy Night

  • Rakish Paddy1:49

  • 1:20

  • The Hallowe'en Nut Hornpipe1:46