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  • Murphys Greyhounds (Dmaj)1:21

Tunes From The Flaggy Shore 

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Florence Fahy

​   Tune For June 

The Burning Brakes  - Reel

Hello there!  It has been a while since I posted a tune, but I have had quite a few challenges these last few months between sicknesses and family visits and its been a journey restoring ourselves back to full health again.  It has been quite exhausting.  

I have been working on getting my knee back in order after quite a fall down some stairs, which I consider myself very lucky to have only come out with a banged up knee.  After our trip to Florida, which was amazing, we had quite the string of illnesses... we had flu and then I had tonsillitis and then my family visited and we were all sick and we had  2 urgent care visits and then to top it all off, we all tested positive for COVID 19  and I relapsed into another tonsillitis infection.  We are out of the woods with the sickenesses and slowly on the mend now but it has been a trying few months and with all the medications and medicines. The sunshine is definitely helping and the warmer weather is around the corner!  

I attented my first country music concert in years!  Garth Brooks packed Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA and I had such a wonderful time.  Talk about liberating or what to be outside in beautiful weather listening to a brilliant concert.  I had the time of my life and enjoyed every second! I hope this continues and it is good to see live performances making such a sucessful return after the pandemic.

For this month's tune we are going to do a Paddy O Brien composition called "The Burning Brakes".  It is a lovely 3 part jig which I learned from his tunebook and have continued to play over the years.  You can find this tune recorded on 2 seperate albums and featuring in both of them is Paddy's daughter, Eileen.  She is a lovely fiddle player and has a solo album of her father's compositions called "Aon Le H'Aon" which is Irish for "one after the other".  This tune is included in the book she published recently, ‘The Definitive Collection of the Music of Paddy O’Brien 1922-1991’.

Eileen and a great box player called "Willie Fogarty"  recorded the tune on a CD called " The Compositions of Paddy O' Brien" and followed the tune with another great 3 part compostion of Paddy's called "The Fly In The Porter".

Enjoy learning this one and as always take your time with a Paddy O Brien tune, spend the time listening to it and listening to the nuances of the tune and for all the twist and turns, as there is always a few in his tunes.  Have a great start to your Summer and I will be back hopefully soon!  I am going to Ireland for a few weeks in June/July so I will see you all in August!

Best wishes!




  • The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote in E.mp31:22

  • The Grassy Road Jig2:03

  • The Reel with the Beryl .mp32:05

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  • The Caves Of Kiltanon Jig.mp32:05

  • Michael Dwyer's Jig Set3:13

  • Na Ceannabhain Bhana Jig.mp32:01

  • Queen of The Rushes Jig1:55

  • Murphy's Greyhound (Cmaj)1:24

  • Murphys Greyhound (Gmaj)1:30

  • 1:58