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  • Murphy's Greyhound (Cmaj)1:24

  • Murphys Greyhound (Gmaj)1:30

  • The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote in E.mp31:22

  • Murphys Greyhounds (Dmaj)1:21

  • Michael Dwyer's Jig Set3:13

  • Na Ceannabhain Bhana Jig.mp32:01

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Tunes From The Flaggy Shore 

  • 1:58

​​​​​Flo's Tunes Of The Month

  • The Reel with the Beryl .mp32:05

  • The Grassy Road Jig2:03

Florence Fahy

  • Queen of The Rushes Jig1:55

  • The Caves Of Kiltanon Jig.mp32:05

​  Tune For April

The Goat In The Green - Jig

Hello and Welcome to my Tune Of The Month for April.  I am looking forward to the Spring weather and the warmer temperatures for a little while.  It has been quite a long spell of cold weather and I am ready to get a little bit of good sunshine to warm the soul!

I love Easter and the chocolate too! The Easter I am happy to say that my family are finally coming for a visit to the USA.  This will be their first time since before the pandemic and I feel like it has been so long since I have had the pleasure of their company here in the US.  I am very excited for their trip.  I get to see my Mom, sister and brother and celebrate Easter with them.  That is my gift from the Easter Bunny this year!

Well,  I have been quite busy the last few weeks, family life, family losses and I feel like I have just been kept on my toes which has left very little time for other things.  

Without further ado, here is my Tune Of The Month for April.  It is called "The Goat In The Green" or I have found it to be called "The Frog In The Well" in some instances. I recently heard this jig again while listening to one of my favorite albums called "Live At Mona's". There are a number of great musicians on this album, Patrick Ourceau being one of my favorite! Those of you who don't know Patrick, he is a fantastic fiddle player, originally from Paris, France but now living in Canada.  I first met Patrick when I was 13 while on a music trip with my Dad in New York in 1995.  Our paths didn't cross again until October of 2013 when we were both instructors at the O'Flaherty's Irish Music Retreat in Texas.  Patrick's fiddle playing has a lovely ebb and flow and I would say one of the easiest and best fiddle players I have ever played with in my lifetime.  I love playing with him. He is a fan of the East Clare style influenced by the playing of the late and great legendary fiddle player Paddy Canny. Patrick spent time with Paddy playing and visiting with him while he was alive. Please see the YouTube videos below of Paddy Canny playing "The Goat On The Green" jig on his album. If you'd like to learn more about Paddy Canny, click on the link here;

Also, I found a lovely video on YouTube of Paddy playing with Frankie Gavin in which he plays "Pipe on The Hob and The Cliffs of Moher" jigs.  I like to play the Pipe on The Hob after The Goat on the Green.

Patrick is well known and rightly takes his place amongst some of the best fiddle players in the Irish Traditional Music scene. If you don't have this album, I encourage you to get it! The music is just so lovely and beautiful.  It makes me want to just sit down and play along with the tunes and forget about everything else! If you are interested in hearing the CD, it is available for listening and purchase on Bandcamp.  See the link below, you'll be glad you did!

​If you listen to Track 2, you will hear this beautiful jig!  Enjoy