​  Tune For November

Hello and Welcome to my Tune Of The Month for November!

I thought I would start this months tune off with my performance piece at O'Flahertys Irish Music Retreat which took place last month in Midlothian, Texas.  I had an unbelieveably, amazing, rejuvenating, uplifting and fun time with everybody. Congratulations to Ken Fleming and his army of volunteers who make this retreat possible.  It is just incredible.  I highly recommend this weekend to anyone who has not been.  I was honored to be asked to be apart of such a great team of instructors over the few days and we had many late nights and shenanigans over the weekend.  I was also so excited to share the stage with fiddle master,  Randal Bays.  We had such a great time playing together and reconnecting and I enjoyed spending time with his lovely family, Susan, his wife and his sons, Willie and Owen.  
I shared the stage with one of my lovely students Brianna Brown on the Sunday night where we played a set together and a slideshow acknowledging the voluteers for the weekend was shown while we played. Everything about the weekend was just lovely.  Here is the video below of the waltz I played which I dedicated to the memory of Chris Droney and to all those great musicians we lost over the year, which seems like too many indeed.

I hope you enjoy it.  I know I did enjoy playing very much.

If you would like to find out more about O'Flahertys Irish Music Retreat and how to book your spot for next year, here it is:


Thank you to everyone again for making the retreat so wonderful in every way for everybody, students and teachers alike.  It was wonderful to be back again!

With that being said, I will share a tune this month that I learned while in Texas on the fly, very quickly with 2 fellow instructors, fiddle player Randal Bays and mandolin queen, Marla Fibish. Even the instructors learn new tunes when they go to music retreats!

It is a beautiful, simple jig 

The Hearty Boys of Ballymote - Jig

​I immediately fell in love with this simple little jig.  As I mentioned,  I learned this tune while in Texas with Randal Bays and Marla Fibish.  Upon researching the jig, it is believed to have some Scottish influence and can be found in "O Neills Dance Music of Ireland" and is tune no 239.  I have the book myself and it has an encyclopedia of old tunes such as this one.

Enjoy learning this one!

Here is the sound file for you to listen to before learning. If your wondering whether that is my child in the background or not... then you are right!! My son William  can be heard faintly offering his opinion on the tune  :-)

In addition, I have included a soundfile of the tune in a different key if you feel like transposing it or prefer one key over the other.

You can find the tune here also:




​​​​​Flo's Tunes Of The Month

  • Michael Dwyer's Jig Set3:13

  • The Grassy Road Jig2:03

  • Queen of The Rushes Jig1:55

  • The Reel with the Beryl .mp32:05

Tunes From The Flaggy Shore 

Florence Fahy

  • The Caves Of Kiltanon Jig.mp32:05

Here are some photos of O Flaherty's Weekend in Texas and a few photos from my home in New Quay, Co. Clare that include random photos of myself , my dad and some of Chris Droney and my dad in his home in Bellharbour, Co. Clare.

  • The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote in E.mp31:22

  • The Hearty Boys of Ballymote - Jig.mp31:21

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In Loving Memory of Chris Droney   (1924 - 2020)

"A Waltz For Chris" composed by Ann Droney/Kirrane

You can hear the waltz played by Ann and the Droney family here on her website and the waltz can be purchased through Bandcamp.